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Alliance Risk Group, Inc.

Customized Background Investigations/Drug Screening Solutions

Our background investigation solutions reduce risk and inspire confidence by securing adverse findings ratios exceeding 13.7%. Our team of FCRA-certified experts access the most accurate and current court records throughout the U.S. and abroad. Let us provide you with a complimentary risk assessment and analysis of your current process. Alliance Risk Group integrates seamlessly into the powerful, JazzHR recruiting software to help HR companies exceed their recruiting goals. This partnership enables employers to easily move individuals through the comprehensive pre-employment background investigation and drug screening stage. Alliance Risk Group provides national and international pre-and post-employment screening, background checks, and investigations. We recognize the importance of having industry-specific knowledge and compliance training and offer specialized solutions for all industries. We can recommend the most suitable investigations and best practices for all sectors including Banking/Finance, Technology, Energy, Gaming/Hospitality, Transportation, Staffing, and more. Alliance drug screening solutions provide state-of-the-art drug testing services including chain of custody and monitoring. Drug tests include hair, alcohol, and oral fluids. Alliance prides itself on working with clients to ensure that the entire investigative process is seamless and compliant.

OverwatchTM Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Companies who want to mitigate risk and maintain safe work environments should know if an employee is involved in embezzlement, theft, or assault. Alliance Risk Group offers one of the industry’s first monitoring solutions: OverwatchTM Continuous Criminal Monitoring. Considering the fact that nearly 12% of an employer’s workforce may be arrested, in some cases repeatedly, within the next five years, employers should do more than a one-time, pre-hire background screening. Continuous criminal monitoring alerts employers to potential criminal activity during the course of employment which is especially important to consider for high-risk positions such as drivers, caregivers, financial managers, and contractors. This customizable subscription service is a great complement to current screening and rescreening programs; and accesses the largest jail booking database in the country. It can be set up to monitor certain segments of your workforce depending on job function or customized to alert you based on the seriousness of the crime. OverwatchTM Continuous Criminal Monitoring provides peace of mind by alerting in near real-time about risky behavior that might endanger your customers and reputation.

Social Media Hiring Reports

Alliance Risk Group’s Social Media Hiring Reports are special background investigations that protect a company’s reputation, enhance workplace safety, and help promote information security. In one study, it was found that 34% of employers have discovered content online that caused them to reprimand or fire an employee. Social media background investigations should be used prior to hiring an applicant and throughout the course of employment. With a combination of software automation and experienced social media analysts, we can identify a candidate’s potentially problematic online activity and provide employers with an FCRA Compliant report to use in your hiring decisions. A Social Media Hiring report identifies the following types of problematic behavior: Racism and/or Demonstrations of Intolerance; Potentially Violent Behavior; Potentially Unlawful Activity; and Sexually Explicit Material. Our reports will tell you when we have flagged instances of the above-mentioned behaviors and posts. Contact Alliance to view a sample or to order Social Media Hiring Reports.

Consent Based SSN Verification (CBSV)

Consent Based SSN Verification (CBSV) is an outstanding governmental validation used to mitigate fraud and identity theft. CBSV verifies Personally Identifiable Information (PII) by matching the applicant Name, Date of Birth, and Social Security Number against the official Social Security Administration (SSA) Master File and Death Index. Each CBSV request is returned with an instantaneous Successful, Unsuccessful, or Deceased result. The SSA is now allowing E-Signature for financial institutions.