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Alliance 2020

Criminal Background Checks

Alliance2020 criminal history searches are individually verified to ensure the accuracy of the results. Our trained professionals verify every record at the county court and federal district level.

• County, state and federal criminal records searches
• National criminal database records searches
• International criminal records searches
• Social Security Number (SSN) trace
• SSN validation
• Consent-based Social Security Number verification (CBSV)
• Sex offender registry searches

Verification Services

Background screening attempts to reveal how an applicant has acted with respect to the law, schools, employers and the court system. By performing a legally permissible, legitimate background check, an employer can measure the integrity of the applicant by comparing the application, resume and interview responses to the objective facts compiled in the screening report.

• Present and past employment
• Education
• Professional licenses
• International education
• International employment
• Transportation-related employment history
• Business licenses

Drug Testing

Alliance 2020 offers a full range of substance abuse services to local and national employers, including drug testing for: Pre-Employment, Random, Reasonable Suspicion/Cause, Post-Accident, Return to Duty, or Promotion.

• Urine-Based (for DOT collections and other regulated purposes)
• Hair Testing (up to 90-day lookback window; an ideal method for pre-employment & random)
• Oral Swabs (convenient, less obtrusive method)

I-9/ E-Verify Solutions

Trust Alliance 2020’s paperless solution: complete, verify, and store I-9 Forms and E-Verify Cases online.

• Electronically complete, sign and store the Form I-9
• Real time validation of data entered into the Form I-9
• Instant Employment Verification – Send employee’s data to E-Verify for employment verification, and we’ll walk you through a step-by-step process for resolving Tentative Non-confirmations
• Expiration Notices – Email notification of an employee’s expiring work authorization is sent out before it becomes a problem
• No servers or software to install or maintain
• Easy Searching – Search for stored forms to export, or print the PDF copy