BIG-HR Solutions

Need more than just one service from BIG-HR that can help fill multiple gaps in your HR department? Then one of our BIG-HR Packages could be exactly what you need! BIG-HR Packages include services such as HR Support, Employee Manual Services, Benefit Support Services, & Benefits Compliance. These packages are ideal for small to mid-sized businesses who struggle with finding the time to deal with all of their HR headaches. Now you can focus more on generating revenue with BIG-HR handling your HR needs.

HR Support Services

Business owners, office managers, & human resource managers have enough on their plates in terms of operating the company and managing employees. Hiring the right employees and retaining them is key, so most owners and managers are involved with the recruiting & hiring, orientation processes, benefit shopping & open enrollments, regulating compensation & PTO, and terminations. Now throw in ACA compliance, ERISA compliance, COBRA compliance, and HIPAA regulation. Beyond that, throw in FMLA, Worker’s Compensation, Unlawful Harassment & EEO, and OSHA. We can even throw in more, but the overall point is that there is so much you have to be on top of in order to be compliant and properly comply with employee rights.

Employee Manual Services

Does your company have an employee manual (handbook) in place as a safeguard to the expectations of your company? Do you need a manual created or is your company manual out-dated and need revising? Employee manuals set employee expectations, encourages employees to behave in certain ways, helps ensure employees are treated consistently, publicizes employee benefits, and helps win unemployment claims and lawsuits. BIG-HR can assist with a review & update, creation, and/or distribution of your company’s employee manual.


Compliance Services

From FMLA, ERISA, ACA and even EEO, BIG-HR will help you navigate all the acronyms and keep your company compliant!