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Recruitment Marketing Automation

CandidateHub’s powerful automation platform nurtures your candidates by responding to the ways they engage with your brand. Using powerful triggers and decisions, each candidate experience becomes more and more personalized as CandidateHub gets to know them better.

Dynamic Pipelines

Gone are the days of reservoir systems or stale data. With CandidateHub’s two way interactions, profile enrichment and candidate engagement, you can have faith that the data in all of your systems is relevant and up to date.

Predict when candidates are “Ready for Action”

With our candidate scoring system, CandidateHub will predict when a candidate is ready to be contacted while nurturing the rest on autopilot. This allows recruiters to focus on those candidates who are ready to make a career move today! By knowing their behaviour and what content they have consumed, recruiters can have a much more personalized conversation leading to much higher candidate conversation and much lower turnover.

Return on Investment

By building a pipeline with better quality talent, CandidateHub lets you reduce your Time to Fill and hiring costs. Having candidates available in your pipeline when you need them, means less down time for your company, and fast tracks your on-boarding process with engaged, hire-ready applicants.