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Champion HR Consulting LLC


Selecting or implementing a new HRIS program can be daunting. With Champion’s 10+ years in system project management, we’ll help you create, select and develop new your HRIS systems and technology solutions. Perhaps you spent a lot on implementation and just need a quick maintenance check up. Champion can provide a Systems Scorecard, ensuring your HRIS programs are functioning appropriately with the latest downloads available.


With a high-level overview of your current HR organization, Champion’s customized HR Operations Scorecard compares your policies & processes against HR best practices to ensure no gaps in compliance or operational efficiencies. You’ll receive a Scorecard identifying areas of success and any areas for improvement. Should you require changes to your current policies or processes, Champion can assist in creating new materials and workflows to best suite your HR organization.


The compliance requirements for State and Federal Laws often take a fair amount of time and effort on behalf of the HR team to manage. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) issues the organization’s requirement to ensure the affordability of their company sponsored plans offered to their employees, as well as the classification of who is considered benefit eligible. Champion can assist with not only a Benefits Scorecard, but an ACA enabled checklists and timeline specific to your organization to ensure compliance.


To prepare new Managers in the organization, Champion provides a customized Manager 101 in a virtual toolkit to provide your managers with all the necessary resources required to hit the ground running – policies, procedures, and best practices specifically designed to meet your business needs. In a virtual format, this toolkit can flex to support on-site or remote team leads of any size locally or internationally.