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Checkr’s Screenings

Checkr’s mission is to build a fairer future by improving understanding of the past. Our platform makes it easy for thousands of customers to hire millions of people every year at the speed of the gig economy. Using Checkr’s advanced background check technology, companies of all sizes can better understand the dynamics of the changing workforce, bring transparency and fairness to their hiring, and ultimately build a better future for workers. We are PBSA accredited and CCWP-certified.

Checkr’s screenings are a fast, easy way to get more accurate data on candidates, so you can make better hiring decisions with fewer resources. Our screenings include:

SSN Trace and Address History

Criminal Records Check:

  • National Criminal Records Check
  • County Criminal Records Check
  • Sex Offender Registry Check
  • Federal Criminal Records Check
  • Global Watchlist Records Check
  • State Criminal Records Check
  • County and Federal Civil Records Check

Driver Check

National and International Employment Verifications

Personal or Professional Reference Checks

National and International Education Verifications

Drug Screening

Credit Check

Checkr Analytics

Checkr Analytics features robust reporting and visualizations. Now you can lower costs, diagnose background check-related slowdowns, and reduce risk.

Checkr Analytics will help you to quickly diagnose background check-related slowdowns so you can understand how slowdowns might impact start dates. Checkr Analytics will also help your hiring teams to reduce risk and eliminate bias. You can ensure greater consistency by keeping an eye on your team’s adjudication decisions. With Checkr’s Adverse Action Rate graph, you can compare the volume and adverse action rate of each adjudicator to reduce risk.

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