OFCCP Compliance

Master Compliance. Reduce Risk. Transform Your Teams. In the complex business of OFCCP compliance, Circa leads. Our proven solutions help you satisfy federal hiring requirements and guarantee OFCCP audit success. Post jobs to specialized labor pools and easily document your efforts. Plan beyond the audit with diversity recruiting solutions that strengthen your business long term.

Diversity Recruiting

Diversity Wins. Diverse staffing is more than an obligation — today it’s a business imperative. Circa helps companies build high-performing teams with a spectrum of diversity recruitment and inclusion solutions. Promote your jobs to target groups through our network of 15,500+ community organizations. Manage and track your outreach with powerful and easy-to-use tools.

Local Recruiting

Meet the Future of Your Business. In the race to find specialized talent on demand, reach and expertise matter. Circa gets you results with our proven workforce recruitment solutions. Amplify your outreach with a network of over 600 local employment websites. Optimize your efforts with our resume database, streamlined applicant tracking, and communication tools that lead with your brand.