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Click Boarding Preboarding

The Ultimate HR Preboarding Solution:
When it comes to preboarding, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. With Click Boarding, you can see a real-time view of your new hires’ preboarding progress and where they are in the preboarding process.

  • Create workflows for required paperwork before new hires begin – W4s, I-9s, eVerify
  • Share first-day details including directions, parking, dress codes, and more
  • Reduce the amount of paperwork it takes to preboard with customized workflows
  • Eliminate first-day confusion with personalized communications
  • Consistently preboard your employees across locations and teams

Click Boarding Onboarding

Achieve Onboarding Success with Click Boarding:
By streamlining the onboarding process, onboarding software can help companies save time and money, and ensure a smooth transition. Our onboarding platform onboards employees efficiently, providing a customized digital employee experience.

  • Efficiently onboard employees in one, mobile-first, user-friendly platform
  • Eliminate the risk of onboarding employees compliantly with a fully digital experience
  • Create customized workflows that enforce company goals, culture, and tools for success
  • Consistently onboard your employees across locations, teams, and departments
  • Schedule tasks so the ownership of offboarding doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of staff

Click Retain

Retain Top Talent with Click Retain:
Creating engaging work environments with clear job expectations can be difficult. Click Retain helps alleviate these difficulties by providing an all-in-one platform for employee engagement and retention. With Click Retain, you can maximize your employee retention rates and keep your business thriving.

  • Cadenced research-backed touchpoints that measure employee engagement
  • Track, measure, and analyze employee journeys to improve journey
  • Digitally deliver touchpoints through email, text, or the Click Boarding platform
  • Access responses on a confidential or anonymous basis for your company
  • Improve retention within the employee’s first year with key metrics to uncover trends

Click Boarding Offboarding

Simplify your HR Process with Offboarding Software:
When offboarding is overlooked, a pivotal opportunity to leave a positive lasting impression on your company is missed. All too often employees can fall through the cracks when ownership of who does what isn’t clear. With Click Boarding, automated workflows help ensure tasks are completed and your organization stays compliant.

  • Expertly offboard employees with workflows from customized templates
  • Increase the rate of employees returning to your company after furlough periods or RIFs
  • Digitally deliver the correct forms to keep your organization compliant
  • Schedule tasks so the ownership of offboarding doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of staff
  • Consistently offboard your employees across locations and teams