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CodeScreen is the real-world coding test platform, allowing you to accelerate your hiring by screening developers fairly, quickly, and accurately.

Candidates take tests offline, at home, using familiar tools and workflows, enabling them to perform to the best of their ability. Automated test-suite scoring and code analysis results in an in-depth report generated for every CodeScreen test.

CodeScreen is also loved by candidates, as every candidate that completes a CodeScreen test receives detailed feedback on their solution. This makes CodeScreen as much a learning platform for candidates, as it is a screening platform for companies, which significantly increases the attractiveness of your interview process and company brand to candidates.

Real-world analysis:

Candidates take CodeScreen’s tests in real-world environments, enabling us to grade candidates’ solutions using the same techniques you use when analyzing your colleagues’ code. These include automated test-suite scoring, code coverage reports, and static code analysis, which vastly reduce the time taken to review completed tests.

Complete control over customizing your tests:

CodeScreen provides template projects in all supported languages & frameworks, meaning you can easily integrate any of your take-home tests into our platform. Our templates are based on the standard conventions for each language & framework, making it very straightforward to work with for your developers.

Real-world library tests:

We also offer a bank of off-the-shelf assessments. All of our tests involve using everyday libraries to solve real-world problems, compared to more traditional challenges based on Computer Science theory that are best left for academia. This allows you to assess how candidates will perform in a real-world work environment.

A better, fairer candidate experience:

Candidates take tests in their own time and in an environment they are most comfortable and familiar with. This allows candidates to give the best version of themselves in CodeScreen tests, promoting a fair and unbiased screening process.

Candidate feedback:

CodeScreen provides an easy-to-use, streamlined feedback mechanism based on GitHub, enabling you to seamlessly give candidates detailed feedback on their solution.


CodeScreen can be entirely white-labeled to your company, resulting in a consistent brand across your hiring process.