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Compass Business Solutions

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Something extraordinary happens when every individual in a business knows their voice is heard, their commitment is valued, and their contributions make a difference. That’s why the experts at Compass are passionately committed to fueling these fundamental employee needs every day.


We offer a variety of services ranging from stand-alone project support to comprehensive outsourced human resources services through HumanResourced™. We also offer one-of-a-kind online learning experiences through The Compass Lab®, a platform that allows us to create engaging training courses to meet the specific needs of learners. It’s an entirely custom venue designed to align with your organization’s values and goals.


Compass is a strategic consulting firm focused on maximizing organizational performance through our collective know-how, proven approach, and unwavering commitment to our clients. Leveraging the expertise and craft knowledge of our elite team, we deliver unparalleled results in all areas of the employee experience:

• Organizational and Brand Strategy• Diversity and Belonging• Policies, Procedures, and Compliance• Human Resources Technology• Talent Acquisition• Compensation and Benefits• Training and Coaching• Performance Management• Employee Engagement• Change Management