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Hire, Develop, and Retain Remarkable People

Looking for a hiring and retention solution? Corvirtus position and industry-specific hiring assessments select candidates with the traits needed to perform, fit your culture, and stay. Our solutions are validated and proven predictors of performance across industries including healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and retail. Select from situational, cognitive ability, personality, and value/culture-fit assessments to create a ready-to-implement or customized assessment that meets your needs for predicting performance and delivering the ideal candidate experience. Assessments can be coupled with competency-based interview guides to further improve consistency and prediction.



Mobile Responsive Assessments

Mobile-friendly is not the same as mobile-responsive. Corvirtus assessments automatically adjust to the size of the screen, allowing candidates to focus on the assessment.


User-Friendly Reporting

Corvirtus assessment results are designed with the hiring manager in mind and are easily interpreted with little training – no certification is required.
Results provide:

  • An overall hiring recommendation
  • Probing interview questions
  • Development information

Seamless Integration

Corvirtus is a validated standard integration partner. In simple terms – the integration is set up and ready to go!

Unlimited Licensing Fee

  • Using assessments 100% of the time ensures consistency and protects you legally.
  • Our annual licensing fees provide unlimited access to our assessments which encourages consistent usage and assures a predictable budget no matter how your hiring frequency changes.

Types of Assessments

By using multiple types of assessments, you are provided a more complete picture of a candidate and how well they will perform on the job.

Corvirtus assessments include: Personality, Fit, Cognitive, and Situational.

  • Personality: Measures core traits (e.g., work ethic, flexibility) that impact performance, fit, and retention.
  • Fit: Identifies candidates who have the values and qualities needed to be successful in your culture and the position.
  • Cognitive Ability: Measures problem solving, reasoning, logic, and decision-making abilities.
  • Situational: Presents candidates with situations they are likely to encounter on the job and asks them to rate the effectiveness of an action or how likely you are to engage in the action.

Unwavering Support

We partner with you to build solutions that support your success, help you monitor their impact on your business, anticipate your changing needs, and adjust our solutions as needed.

  • We meet our deadlines, ensure our systems are working for you, and maximize our spectrum of data-driven solutions to help you navigate the current and future workforce.
  • We are available to you when you need us and quickly address your questions, concerns, and requests.
  • We respond with great service in ordinary circumstances and whatever-it-takes service in exceptional circumstances.


Save Time

Corvirtus assessments save time by screening out candidates who are unlikely to perform and allowing you to quickly sort by candidates who pass the assessment.

User-Friendly Results

Assessment results seamlessly provide managers with the most important information to make quality hiring decisions, including candidates’ overall performance, strengths and areas of opportunity, and performance on competencies that matter most to success on the job and in your organization.

Beyond Hiring

We offer assessments for development that highlight employee strengths and opportunities, provide normative information showing their probability of success on key competencies relative to others in your organization and industry, and deliver targeted suggestions to support their success.

Industry & Job Specific Assessments

A one-size-fits-all assessment doesn’t address the unique needs of your industry. Our assessments are validated within your industry and jobs to ensure the most accurate prediction of performance.

Candidate Experience

Our assessments can be resurfaced to deliver a job and brand-relevant experience, and each assessment is designed with the candidate population in mind. Entry-level and hourly assessments can take 10 minutes or less to complete, while measuring the qualities needed for success. Candidates can easily see how the assessments are fair and job-related.

Assessment Catalog

You can select from situational (what they will do), cognitive ability (what they can do and learn), personality (who theyare), and value/culture-fit (how they will fit in) assessments to create ready-to-implement or customized solutions that meet your needs for predicting performance.

Ongoing Support

Our team of talent management experts can work closely with you to fine-tune assessment content and scoring, and continuously monitor how the tools affect enterprise-level results, performance, and retention.