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Crown Global HR

Screen Applicants

Crown’s Online Talent Screener compares applicant
responses to the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of top performers. This goes deeper than the resume, giving you a glimpse into their work and collaboration styles.

Applicants respond to everyday work situations in the Online Talent Screener, as part of your application process. Their answers are then used to help hiring managers quickly and easily decide who to interview and what to listen for in the
next stage of the hiring process.

Interview & Select Candidates

Whether you need to train your team on interview best practices or need a trusted advisor on candidates for leadership or specialty roles, Crown is here to help.

With Interview Training, Crown walks your hiring team through two workshop phases to teach the mindset and skillset of interviews, all backed by extensive practice.

Interview as a Service allows you to have an outside perspective. Crown’s expert analysts will interview each finalist and provide recommendations to help you make the final decision.

Develop Leaders

Crown provides Professional Growth Feedback based on interview responses to help your new and existing employees continue to grow in their role.
This growth experience is designed for individuals or teams who were recently hired, may not have been chosen for promotion, or simply want to become more effective leaders.

Crown prepares feedback reports based on new or past interviews, and then conducts feedback and goal-setting sessions to develop your leaders.