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Payroll for construction

We help contractors and subcontractors with certified payroll and fringe benefits. Our platform and services offer a one-stop shop for payroll, certified payroll, 1-click compliance reporting (WH347, WH38, DIR, San Diego Workforce, eMars, Union + ) workforce solutions, construction specific time tracking , HR support and much more.

Compliance for government contractors

Our payroll platform makes it easy to stay compliant on government contracts. With just a couple clicks you can assign wage determinations by jobsite, task and job classification. Workers can change tasks in the field, giving you a clean record of every role they worked while the system auto-assigns the correct prevailing wage. It’s powerful, intuitive and helps limit mistakes and compliance problems.

Fringe benefit management

We help construction organizations leverage the best fringe benefit solution available on the market. With our unique fringe trust, organizations save lots of money on payroll taxes and workers’ comp but unlike traditional trusts, workers can still access their money on payday.