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EMP Trust is a leading software technology company that provides Human Capital Management for a global workforce. We offer comprehensive HR software to manage New Hire Onboarding, Employee Engagement, compliance with an Electronic Form I-9, DHS E-Verify Solution, Performance Management and Benefits Management on a secure platform.


Employee Onboarding Software

EMPTrust employee onboarding software for new hires provide a branded career and onboarding portals with onboarding forms for US, Canada, UK, EU and global regions. Create your own new hire packets and forms with pre-built library of tax and regulatory forms for each country. Add your HR policies and handbooks with training videos and content to streamline new hire onboarding and improve workforce process.

Electronic form i-9 software

“Electronic Form I-9 Compliance:

EMPTrust provides an electronic Form I-9 software solution to capture Form I-9 information from new hires as part of the employee Onboarding process. The solution allows for the management, preparation, electronic signature, document storage, auditing of the Form I-9 to meet USCIS/DHS guidelines. Easily verify and complete the form with detailed guidance for managers and users including tracking re-verifications. Quickly extract completed forms & audit reports for USCIS audits with built-in audit assurance tools.”

DHS E-Verify software

EMPTrust provides a fully automated solution for e-verification of new hires in accordance with Federal and State guidelines including full submission from your i-9 data, status tracking and TNC management. Detailed audit and MIS reports are present to provide insight into the process.

Core HRIS & Payroll

Manage employees with employee self service with a core HRIS platform and integrations. to major providers including ADP, PDS Vista HRMS , Ultimate Software and more. Manage employees through the entire life cycle and track promotions, leave & wage approvals and payroll for your entire workforce