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Equifax Workforce Solutions

Compliance Center™

Quickly Onboard New Hires from Anywhere
New hires can complete paperwork quickly and more accurately from their home, the office, or on a mobile device.

Get Forms Done Right and On Time
Pull data from JazzHR to your new hire packets with built-in rules to help reduce errors and save time.

Keep It All Connected
Connect employee forms in one easy-to-use platform directly within JazzHR


I-9 Management

Better Views and InsightsHelp simplify workflows with task-driven and more actionable dashboards and leverage comprehensive reporting.Integration with E-VerifyHelp automate the E-Verify process with an authorized E-Verify employer agent.Your Systems Working TogetherIntegrate into your existing onboarding workflows and systems.Self-Service CapabilitiesMobile-first and more accessible platform helps guide new hires through their Form I-9 journey.More Transparency in the Onboarding ProcessGain more visibility into where the applicant is at in the Form I-9 process.


Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Help create an easier process for WOTC screening and less manual work for your teams.

SmartScreening™Our screening delivers a better experience and helps removes confusing barriers that can cause applicants to incorrectly disqualify.

EasyDoc™In nearly 97% of cases, we can obtain all of the needed documentation without burdening your employees with follow up requests.*

Help Support Diversity and InclusionWOTC targeted groups align closely with DEI policy targeted employee groups. You can help satisfy your DEI goals by hiring targeted group employees.