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Benefits Enrollment

Our powerful and proprietary benefits enrollment platform allows your employees to compare benefits plans, enroll themselves in benefits, and manage life events in a robust yet easy-to-use tool.

Carrier Connections

Carrier connections automatically transmit benefits and enrollment data to providers of medical, voluntary, financial and ancillary benefits from our Enrollment platform, reducing manual input and risk.

COBRA Administration

Our full-service COBRA Administration requires just two clicks – and that’s it! Our team takes care of the rest. We monitor for COBRA Events, send notices, collaborate with carriers and subscribers to get coverage re-instated, and handle all payments and remittances.

Benefits Reconciliation

Designed for medium and large employers, our automated Benefits Reconciliation tool flags discrepancies between live benefits data and final benefit carrier invoices. In just minutes, our system highlights instances of over-billing, under-billing, and people enrolled in an incorrect plan – a process that typically takes hours or days!