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Technical Assessment

HackerEarth Assessments allows you to objectively assess developers with ease. With HackerEarth Assessments, you can identify the right candidates for the job by giving them programming assignments that simulate actual on-the-job tasks and shortlist only those candidates that meet your expectations. As a result, you can screen the best developers with ease and with zero bandwidth drain.

Remote Interviewing

The typical coding interview is hard to grapple with for both interviewers and candidates. Interviewers need to use a multitude of tools to conduct the interview, while developers are out of their comfort zone because the typical interview interfaces aren’t developer-friendly. Hence, our customers prefer FaceCode: HackerEarth’s coding interview tool. With FaceCode, an interviewer need not ever change tabs, and a candidate has at their disposal all the tools required to focus on writing code.

Pre-built Question Library

An exhaustive library of over 16,000 coding questions covers all major concepts of programming and computer science and is refreshed periodically. As a result, you can create highly valid, fair and exhaustive assessments every single time, for 18+ roles, and 900+ skills.

Cutting-edge Proctoring

With our advanced plagiarism detector and proctoring mechanism you can ensure that the candidate cannot copy code from another location and paste it into the HackerEarth IDE. Our proctoring mechanism reports tab switching, prevents impersonation with candidate screenshots, and gives you the ability to customize the stringency of proctoring, making sure that your assessments are completely fair.

Detailed Test Report

HackerEarth creates a test report with a leaderboard of top performers. As a result, you can shortlist the top performers in seconds. Further, with a FaceCode subscription, you can seamlessly send interview invites to top performers.

In-depth Candidate Performance Report

HackerEarth Assessments also provides an in-depth understanding of each candidate’s performance, right down to each question. Get skill based reports and code playback feature that records every keystroke that the candidate makes and replays it as a video. So, you can rest assured that when you make a hiring or shortlisting decision on HackerEarth Assessments, you can make it with conviction, every single time.

Developer-friendly coding experience

HackerEarth’s coding interface comes with a smooth IDE, pre-populated snippets, auto-complete feature, and a practice assessment among other features, that guarantees a smooth candidate experience.