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Accurate AI Based Skills

HackerEarth Assessment allows you to create AI tests based on the skill type and difficulty level ( of the test), allowing recruiters to evaluate a candidate’s skills accurately. The platform enables the evaluation of a candidate’s skills (add up to 5 skills) in a single assessment. In addition, you can customize skill-based assessments as per your requirement. You can add your own questions and modify assessments based on the difficulty level of the test and the job role. Some of the features include

1. Large question library covering 10,000+ questions across 35+ programming languages
2. Reporting and Analytics
3. Video interviews
4. Team Management

Video Powered Interviews

The live video interview feature in HackerEarthAssessments lets you conduct remote video interviews and assess the programming skills of candidates. This feature is especially useful when you have to evaluate candidates for mid-level or senior positions in your organization.

a. Set up video interviews directly after shortlisting candidates
b. Assess up to 30 programming skills using a real time code editor
c. Rate and analyze a candidate’s performance after an interview
d. Keep track of all your interviews using activity logs

Reporting & Analytics

HackerEarth allows you to make the right hiring decisions using detailed reports available on the platform.

a. Select the best and most deserving candidates from your pool using detailed candidate reports. Receive suggestions to shortlist/archive candidates based on their performance. Measure the skills of each candidate against the average score set and identify their top skills.

b. Analyze each code submission based on key parameters including readability, maintainability, security, and cyclomatic complexity. Evaluate logical skills by replaying their code on video and use them as talking points in an interview.

In addition, the platform also has test and question analytics features to help you make informed decisions during each stage of test creation.

Choose high-quality questions for your assessment using the question analytics feature. With the test analytics feature, you can measure the effectiveness of your assessment process. Use the hiring funnel graph to measure the screening ratio of your assessment (number of candidates who’ve been screened from the pool of candidates who’ve taken the assessment).

Robust Proctoring & Monitoring

HackerEarth has several proctoring methods such as AI-based visual proctoring and IP-based restrictions to ensure that only deserving candidates are shortlisted. Here are some proctoring settings offered by HackerEarth:

• Disable copy and paste and prevent plagiarism.
• Stop impersonation using AI-based video proctoring.
• Restrict candidates from switching to other tabs.
• Provide a distraction-free test environment using the full-screen mode.
• Restrict IP addresses to contain test-takers in a single location.