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Hiretual sources from 38+ platforms (i.e. GitHub, Stack Overflow, Indeed, Google Scholar, Healthgrades, to expand your talent pool with 700M+ profiles. Hiretual’s AI-matching engine and Machine Learning algorithms learn your preferences and deliver best-fit candidates tailored to your search criteria. Hiretual has an industry-leading 85% contact-finding rate with 94% accuracy. Hiretual’s AI finds and builds holistic, up-to-date profiles of top candidates, so you can customize your outreach. Maximize the impact of your engagement with Hiretual’s Email Sequences, Email Delegation, and Email Tracking capabilities. Hiretual’s technology is built to avoid unconscious bias. The algorithms are agnostic to race, ethnicity, gender, and veteran status. Surface individuals from underrepresented groups and use Hiretual’s Blind Sourcing Mode to achieve your hiring goals.

AI-Augmented Applicant Screening

Streamline your workflow by using Hiretual to post jobs to leading job boards, receive applications and parse resumes, and AI-screen, enrich, and match applicants to open projects. With Hiretual, your team can quickly fill multiple job requisitions with top candidates and screen over 200,000 candidates in a matter of seconds.

ATS/CRM Rediscovery

Uncover a goldmine of candidates who are already interested in your company. Hiretual’s AI can screen and parse existing resume profiles, enrich, and match past candidate profiles to open projects.

Projects, Team, Talent Pool, and Market Insights

Gain an eagle-eye view of your projects and team performance. Market insights provide information about your talent pool and help you better employee experience.