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HowardSimon works with businesses to devise customized, stress-free payroll services. Understanding your needs allows us to create solutions that improve your operations, freeing up your resources to focus on the core of your business. We specialize in:

• Concierge style customer service
• Full tax service from a knowledgeable tax team
• Configurable and Customizable Technology for cost effective personalized solutions
• Real-time reporting with hundreds of standardized reports and report writer tools
• HR management
• Integrated time and attendance solutions

 Retirement Plans

HowardSimon has worked with employers nationwide to provide retirement plans that find the right balance between being a true employee benefit versus a retirement vehicle exclusively for owners and executives. After gaining a thorough understanding of your objectives, our retirement plan specialists devise plans with maximum tax benefits and minimum tax burdens for employers.

 HR Management

Use our technology to improve your Human Capital Management (HCM) workflow. HowardSimon’s HR Management portal greatly improves productivity and efficiency in your workforce. Securely store pertinent employee data and track HR processes in an organized web-based system. Online access enables employees to easily obtain necessary information, with administrators controlling accessibility. Choose from one of our standard programs or tailor a solution that is right for your organization.