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HR Avatar

Pre-employment Testing

HR Avatar provides pre-employment tests, job simulations, and assessments for over 200 specific job titles in an easy-to-use, self-service format for employers. Each test measures a full range of important traits including: cognitive ability, writing ability (scored with AI), knowledge and skills, personality factors, emotional intelligence, behavioral history, and simulated job tasks.

All tests work on popular mobile as well as non-mobile devices and employ interactive animated workplace scenarios that test applicants in job-related tasks. View or read transcripts of video responses, or review our AI-driven voice and personality analysis. You’ll also get expert questions to help you probe specific competencies in a follow-up interview. Simply search by job title to find the test for your job. Tests may be purchased with credits, and we also offer a subscription-based service.

Video Interviewing

Save time screening candidates with HR Avatar’s virtual and live video interviewing. With virtual interviewing, the candidate answers a series of questions – either a pre-configured set or the exact questions you want – and their results are stored for playback at your convenience. With live interviewing, customize your script, conduct and score the interview in real time. Obtain a transcript. No special plugins or capabilities are needed. Just a computer or mobile device with a camera will do!

Live Video Interviewing Features

– Easily schedule a live video interview while viewing test results (and vice versa).
– Customize interview scripts to conduct the interview in a structured way.
– Record your scores and comments in real time as the interview progresses.
– Perform group interviews with up to 3 interviewers. Collect individual scores and comments from all.
– Refer to interview scores, comments, and other analyses online anytime when making your evaluations and comparisons.
– View test results and interview results together in one place.
– Obtain a transcript of your conversation.
– Obtain an AI-driven voice analysis of the candidate’s voice.
– Obtain an AI-driven personality profile of the candidate.

Remote Proctoring

If you worry about cheating when performing remote Internet testing, we offer an inexpensive simple way to ease your concerns: Online Proctoring.

How It Works

Using the camera in most computers and mobile devices, we take photos of the test taker during the test and use facial recognition software to ensure that the face doesn’t change. We also include all captured photos in our reports so you can compare them with the actual candidate during a face-to-face interview.

Premium Features

– Premium Remote Proctoring (records video and suspicious activity)
– Premium Remote Proctoring Audio Only (records audio and suspicious activity)
– Premium Remote Proctoring Suspicious Activity Only (records video and suspicious activity)

Custom Test Builder

Do you need to test your candidates on specialized knowledge or skills? Would you like to create a recorded video interview with custom questions? Do you want to administer custom tests alongside our standard off-the-shelf assessments?

You can do all of these easily and quickly with our Custom Test Builder. It costs nothing to create a custom test and only a few credits to administer one to a candidate.

Some Key Custom Test Builder Features

– User-friendly Interface – within your online account
– Define competencies and associate them with questions for scoring
– Multiple question types: multiple choice, multiple correct answer, fill-in-the-blank, essay, slider (rating scale), and video interview
– Supports all languages
– Multiple scoring options
– Unlimited questions per test
– Unlimited custom tests per account
– Pricing for test administration is based on number and type of questions
– Administered just like any other test