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HR Maximizer

Job Postings

HR Maximizer uses specially formatted job postings for your open clinical positions. These postings include a unique format approved by nurse consultants to attract qualified applicants by providing the information they want to see in a simple and engaging way. We also include videos that provide more information and an inside look to your organization.

Our job postings utilize the “Quick Apply” feature. This feature enables applicants to apply to your posting in less than 5 minutes with all the relevant information needed. Once a candidate applies, our formatting makes it easy for our in-house recruiters or your own team to engage with the candidate in 1 – 3 days.

Social Media Advertising

HR Maximizer aids your organization in creating a proprietary advertising network with custom tracking information. HR Maximizer uses images and videos for your organization to reach potential candidates wherever they may be on the Internet. A key feature of how HR Maximizer does so is by using geotargeting. Geotargeting enables your ads to reach potential candidates with certain qualifiers when they enter a specific area or radius.

Your organization will be able to utilize effective ads across Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn as well as Indeed Sponsored postings. You will receive custom reports designed to easily show you the results of your social media advertising campaigns.

Video Jobs

HR Maximizer aids your organization in creating and maintaining a unique presence by using video jobs. Our service includes a video production team that will come to your organization to aid in the creation of compelling videos, or you can provide your own videos within certain parameters. These videos are then reviewed by a team of nurse consultants before your video jobs are created. The video jobs contain compelling descriptions of your openings with embedded videos to provide an inside look to the specific department or your organization. The video jobs can also be shared via social media advertising to reach a greater number of potential applicants.

MaxBot AI Integration

HR Maximizer offers MaxBot A.I. – an integrated Artificial Intelligence service – to simplify and enhance your candidate engagement. MaxBot can be used for scheduling, prescreening, and re-engagement with current and former candidates.

Scheduling – MaxBot seamlessly integrates with your calendar to schedule qualified candidates for full in-person or phone interviews. MaxBot can also send reminders to your team members and the candidate regarding the scheduled interview and any additional details needed.

Prescreening- MaxBot can be used on high-volume requisitions to save time for your team. A link to a pre-screening questionnaire is sent once a candidate applies to your opening. MaxBot guides the candidate through the pre-screening process and can answer a number of questions the candidate may have. If a candidate successfully passes the pre-screening, MaxBot will then aid in scheduling the candidate to a recruiter’s calendar for additional screening or interviews.

Re-Engagement- MaxBot can be programmed to reach out to previous applicants on specific job postings with details about new openings with your organization. MaxBot can find out if these candidates would be interested in the new opportunity and aid them in applying.