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HR Administration & Consulting

No more worrying about HR compliance, employee benefits, employee relations, or other day to day responsibilities of the HR Department. When you work with HR NOLA you’ll partner with your own dedicated HR Practitioner from our team to manage HR Administration for you.

Compliance Culture Audit

HR Nola provides your organization with a comprehensive audit of the current state of your human resources policies, procedures, and practices. Our HR audit can help you identify whether specific areas or processes are adequate, legal, and effective.

Training & Development

We provide a wide range of trainings to cover all your HR needs. Services include Executive Workshops, Supervisor and Manager Skills trainings, Leadership Workshops, Performance Management and Respect in the Workplace training, just to name a few!

 HR & Executive Placement Services

As your business landscape becomes increasingly complex, an HR professional will play a vital role in ensuring your organization is ready for the future. HR Nola specializes in filling your HR need with the highest-level candidates. The combined experience of our staff of HR Practitioners allows us to have a thorough understanding of the skills necessary for a candidate to be successful in the role and to analyze for cultural fit – ensuring you get the right talent, right now.