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Never underestimate the difference an extra set of hands can make during times of heightened need. An hrEdge expert is available to provide additional support during busy seasons or to complete HR projects.


Every so often, your organization may experience gaps in resources for a temporary period of time. We have you covered. An hrEdge consultant is available to provide on-site and interim HR support during times of vacancy, leave of absence, organizational growth or any lapse of coverage in your company.


hrEdge’s monthly coverage packages with hrOnDemand provide companies with access to HR templates for policies, forms and employee handbooks. Packages are customizable to include a varying number of HR Executive hours to be used both onsite and remotely. Use these hours as you see fit: to ask questions or receive advice, improve HR processes and programs, or receive customization and implementation of the templates available to your company.


Are you maximizing your HR technology solution? Are you utilizing the features you pay for? Does your current system fit your business needs? hrEdge has a team of HR tech experts ready to help you answer YES! Complete this assessment to find out where you stand.