HRlogics WOTC

HRlogics WOTC is your premier solution for maximizing the benefits of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program. Our expert-driven approach simplifies the WOTC process, helping businesses of all sizes leverage this valuable tax credit to its fullest potential.

Led by a team of CPAs, tax attorneys, and credit experts, HRlogics offers clients 150+ years of combined tax experience. HRlogics’ team brings veteran insight, which allows us to optimize tax credits and incentives for the clients who place their trust in us. Our specialists work in-depth to identify and confirm that your company is qualified for all tax credits or incentives like WOTC, R&D, solar, and state and federal credits. Backed by our 100% audit support, our processes, technology, and results are all driven by our core value of integrity. HRlogics’ dedication to our clients is unmatched.

HRlogics ACA

HRlogics ACA, formerly SyncStream Solutions, was the first software to help employers tackle the complex landscape of healthcare and employment reporting and compliance and remains the industry leader in expert customer care. Our innovative solution streamlines the process effortlessly with a self-service option, employing advanced technology and a user-friendly interface. HRlogics’ Total ACA solution transcends being only software; it’s your ally in ACA compliance management, offering expert guidance, proactive assistance, and continuous monitoring to minimize IRS penalties by a tenured ACA expert.

HRlogics UCM

HRlogics UCM, formerly Unemployment Tracker, is a strategic solution to simplify the complex world of unemployment costs and claims management. Led by a seasoned team of UI experts, HRlogics UCM’s customized approach to cost management is the key to our effectiveness in improving our clients’ unemployment compensation program performance and, ultimately, in reducing the related unemployment tax rate.

HRlogics Clear I-9

Clear I-9, powered by HRlogics, offers an intuitive user experience for both your staff and new hires. Easily navigate through the Clear I-9 system with a customizable dashboard and options to configure it to meet your business needs. Easy-to-use workflows and data validation for every form field simplify the process of completing I-9s. Step-by-step guidance also ensures a seamless user experience for your staff and new hires. With less effort and time, you can create, manage, and keep track of all your company’s I-9s. Clear I-9, powered by HRlogics, can assist you in achieving compliance by alleviating daunting tasks.