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HRO Partners


An easy to navigate, efficient self-service online solution to help manage HR compliance and employee relations issues.

Key Features:

  • Single state express hand book builder
  • Law library
  • HR documents, checklists and forms
  • Training On-Demand
  • HR Advisor Newsletter

HRO NOW Essentials

Key Features:

  • An easy to navigate HR Support Center to help manage HR compliance and employee relations issue.
  • Ask the Pro, an unlimited online and phone access to a team of certified HR Pros ready to answer HR compliance and employee questions.
  • Chat live online with an HR Concierge through the HR On-Demand portal.
  • Express Handbook Builder (specific to one state): Self-guided wizard delivered electronically in an editable Word document.
  • Professional Handbook Builder: Tailored to your organization in an editable Word document in as few as 3-5 business days.
  • Handbook Update Manager is a Suite of Tools to help maintain existing handbook.
  • Policy Customization where HR Pros can revise, review, create, or customize HR Policies.
  • An in-depth Pulse Survey to get direct feedback from employees on how to improve culture.

HRO NOW Complete

Everything in HR Now – Essentials plus…

Key Features:

  • Dedicated HR Pro
  • Custom handbooks
  • Quarterly business reports
  • HR audit & gap analysis
  • HR compliance action plan
  • Key compliance deliverables
  • An in-depth pulse survey to get direct feedback from employees on how to improve culture.

Learning Management System

HRO Partners recognizes the significant risks centered around people within an organization. Offering a learning management system that delivers complete training content and tracking capabilities is key to providing organizations end-to-end solutions.

Learn offers employees and management access to an extensive course library of both proactive and reactive risk management courses that address compliance essentials such as harassment and discrimination, workplace safety, cybersecurity, and more.

6 features of Learn:

  • Valuable content
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Live Support
  • Future proof
  • Certificates
  • Reporting Custom Content