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Human Workplaces Overview


Culture Design

Our most popular engagement, this 6-month project includes a culture assessment, the development of distinct culture priorities, and the creation of a “culture playbook” of action steps for intentionally designing your culture to be aligned with your success drivers.

Culture Audit

Not ready for a full assessment or design project? We offer a number of quick and targeted audits to help you get a handle on your culture issues-before they start handling you:

  • Culture/Engagement Audit. Articulate key culture patterns and connect them to success drivers and employee engagement.
  • Culture and Office Design Audit. Connect internal culture patterns to key decisions around office design and layout.
  • Merger Compatibility Audit. Compare culture patterns between two organizations, pre- or post-merger.

Culture Management

We also offer more targeted projects to deal with specific issues; these can be undertaken with or without a Culture Playbook.

  • Outsourced Culture Management. Put in place key roles, processes, and systems to operationalize culture work.
  • Culture Code. Create or refresh slide deck or materials for communicating culture internally or externally.
  • Conflict Resolution. Get conflict resolution training for staff, or hire us for direct interventions.
  • Retreats. Board, Senior Staff, or Full Staff retreats to tackle key culture and strategy issues.
  • Digital Strategy. Ensure your culture supports the evolution of your digital strategy.
  • Performance management. Redesign your processes to ensure they understand and reward the behaviors that drive your success.
  • Change management coaching. Advisory services for C-suite executives on managing change, particularly in the context of culture work.

Culture consulting

Our work is fully customizable. Contact us with your culture-related challenge and let’s talk about how we can help.