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Business growth assessment

An experienced outside set of eyes, to help you re-affirm what you already know and uncover some of what you don’t know.

Review of current status, Identification of strengths and weaknesses, areas for improvement.
Team, Financing, Product, Technology, Market opportunity, Go to market strategy.

This is a One Time item with a fixed fee based on company size and growth stage.

Business growth mentorship

Take your company growth to the next level in a purposeful way informed by the outcome of the business growth assessment.

Bespoke mentorship, based on outcome of Business growth assessment. Includes Milestone setting, scheduled regular 1 on 1 meetings, priority setting and growth navigation.

This is a month to month service with a minimum term of 6 months.

Business growth team building

Growing your business often means growing your team too. Building off the business growth assessment this is about refining your needs and establishing the most cost effective approach.

This service includes a subscription to Jazz HR, and can be done as an add-on to Business mentoring or as a stand alone service provided after the completion of a Business growth Assessment.

Manufacturer’s product representation

Incendify is an established technology and product representative company in the Lidar, autonomous vehicle (off-road primarily) for smart city, agriculture and AGV segments.

Ask us about representing your product.