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For Recruiting

Recruiters – Find ideal candidates for your job openings that are not actively looking for a job!

Search by skills, people who work at specific companies, experience and more.

Get both personal and company emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc!

For Lead Generation

Salespeople – Find anyone in your target market. Whether you are looking for entire market segments, or doing specific account based sales.

Search all kinds of filters by role, company, industry, technologies, if companies are hiring, size, location, monthly adwords budget, company news or events, and more.

Get their company emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc!

For Marketing

Marketers – Build an entire lists of potential customers. Then utilize our unlimited exporting to create custom audiences on Facebook and Google for ad targeting.

Utilize personal emails to have higher match rates to social profiles, or hand over lead lists to your sales team with company emails, addresses, and phone numbers!


LeadFuze comes with Fuzebot, your A.I. assistant that can keep building your list of leads for you. As we add new contacts to the system that match your criteria, he’ll automatically add those leads to your list for you as well.

Then, connect to tools like JazzHR, your CRM, and outreach tools. This way, whenever a person gets added to your list in LeadFuze, they automatically sync to the other tools you use.