Blind recruiting for fairer decision-making, without bias

MeVitae leverages the latest in people science to help companies hire smarter, faster and fairer.

Did you know that there are over 100+ types of cognitive biases in the human brain, such as confirmation bias? These biases impact every decision in the hiring process and everyone has a cognitive bias – it’s because of the way brains works. MeVitae is here to help organizations to:

  • land top talent;
  • identify potential leaders;
  • become more diverse and inclusive;
  • remain competitive in the ever-evolving market; beyond the tradition, such as bias training.

The MeVitae team have spent years researching the science of HR and D&I, with the build a series of solutions that debias every step of the hiring process, for example, during the selection process the blind recruiting plug redacts 15+ types of biases (e.g. gender, university, ethnicity etc.) directly from CVs and Cover Letters, all within JazzHR.

MeVitae has over 95% accuracy in redacting biases and proven to increase D&I including gender and ethnicity diversity for organisations by 30%+. Companies turn to MeVitae to improve the overall efficiency of their recruitment teams whilst quickly promoting diversity in hiring. Focus on finding the right person for the job, without cognitive and unconscious bias.