Innovative Solutions to Recruiting and Building Winning Teams

Today’s recruiting processes are broken. They are not working for Employers or for Top Talent. Scaling and growing a company depends on finding and developing your team. At NotionPath we leverage 25 years of serving companies as a CEO/COO/CFO to bring a different solution to this problem. Solutions are designed for each employer. As a coach/player we look at culture, sourcing, assessments, hiring manager coaching, HR/Recruiter coaching, leverage outside recruiters and build inside core competency.

Coaching – Business Owners, Executives and Professionals

Expertise and experience in serving and placement of:

  • Business Owners/Consultants
  • C-Level Executive Roles
  • VP/Director Level Roles
  • Finance and Accounting Roles
  • Technology and IT Roles
  • General Business roles – Sales, Marketing, Administration, IT, HR

As the Founder of “The Science of Getting Hired in a Six-Figure Role,”​ we help navigate our broken job search processes and mentor our clients to transform their search cutting weeks or months off of their search.

We go well beyond a resume “Writer”​ or even most coaches bringing 25 years of experience as a hiring manager, recruiter, and businessman working closely with companies to stay in touch with what they want.

If you are seeking a six-figure career role or striving to become a “Business of One”​ – a solopreneur – we use transformational tools to get results:

  • Executive and Professional Coaching – put a CEO on your team
  • Career Discovery, Clarity, and Focus – to accelerate a search and communicate your expertise
  • Assessments and give you the Inside Scoop on the results and create your WorkPlace Persona
  • Resumes that get Noticed – recruiters spend 6 seconds scanning resumes, will they read yours?
  • Compelling Cover Letters – traditional cover letters DO NOT work
  • Discoverable LinkedIn Profiles – have your profile work for you 24/7
  • Getting Around Job Boards that are broken
  • Methods to reach the Hidden Job Market – 70% of jobs never get posted
  • Interviewing to set you apart (the average opening results in seven final interviews – will you stand out?)