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Pacific Crest Group

Senior level HR Expertise

We know that small & mid-sized business owners and C-suite leaders juggle lots of hats, and as they grow, they recognize the only way to continue towards success is to tap into experts. Our team of HR advisors incorporates analysis, best practices, and excellent communication to meet your HR needs. These areas include:

  • Recruiting, Hiring, and On-boarding
  • Company Culture and Workplace Climate
  • Organizational Structure and Workforce planning
  • Compensation structure & Benefits administration
  • Talent Management and Performance Feedback
  • Training and professional development
  • Termination process and Off-boarding
  • Employee Relations, Leaves and Compliance
  • Systems Implementation and Optimization


Dedicated and Integrated HR Services

Our HR advisors have worked with 100’s of businesses and have learned that a trusted relationship is key in establishing a successful outcome.

Our relationship with the leadership team is critical and our team takes great pride in adapting our knowledge to fit the way our clients learn best.

We perform an initial HR Assessment to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your existing HR policies, procedures, and systems.

We create a prioritized list of suggested improvements to be implemented along the way in addition to dealing with your organization’s unique day-to-day challenges and compliance issues.


Fully Customizable and Scalable Engagement Journey

Each business brings a variety of nuances that are special to each company. HR best practices are consistent and readily available, but every business and its leadership team have special and sometimes unexpected variables that need to be understood and adapted to. The PCG engagement journey has three key components designed to help our clients and our team bridge the gap in those differences.

Learn: PCG’s regular and consistent meetings with our clients are critical not only for us to learn about your business, but to help you understand and establish what are the priorities for the people involved.

Apply: Once the priorities are established, applying the necessary changes to the business is what makes real change.

Measure and Refine: Change only happens when you measure the results. If things are not going the way they need to, then together we help you refine the approach. Regular consulting meetings help establish the results you are looking for. These meetings allow both PCG and the client to spot counterproductive outcomes and pinpoint practical strategies to work through on whatever may be standing in the way of their success.

This model makes it possible to develop an ongoing and effective relationship that allows a client to efficiently reach the goals they seek. It is key to building any new habit.