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Panda Health

Product 1: The Panda app

The Panda app gives your employees a way to improve their emotional health and personal development. They proactively engage on a personalized journey and can access tailored content anonymously in a way that works for them. Importantly, through our advanced machine learning, we ensure they get the help they need before they reach a crisis.

Our features include:

  • 24 hours of live, interactive group sessions
  • AI-powered coaching and support
  • Asynchronous content
  • Clinically validated assessments
  • Employees choose Panda more than any other platform with over 50% adoption our corporate clients

Product 2: Panda Insights

Panda Insights allows HR and leadership teams to drive a positive culture, improve key metrics like absenteeism, presenteeism, and staff turnover, and create real business value.

  • Access live analysis of employee wellness and performance with percentile-driven benchmarking and actionable insights to address concerns and improve outcomes.
  • Create tailored action plans, e-books, and courses for your teams based on the issues they are facing.
  • Leverage Panda AI to support you, unlock our resource library, and use our AI assistant to save you time and increase your output.