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PeopleFirst Enterprises Inc. Overview

People First


HR Outsourcing

PeopleFirst can be your dedicated HR department by providing services in all the functions usually associated with a traditional in-house HR Department, while offering a breadth and depth of HR and business knowledge and solutions.

HR Compliance and Administration

We analyze the existing HR practices and programs and/or create new programs to ensure compliance with all HR federal, state and local laws and regulations, so you can focus on keeping your business growing. PeopleFirst will formulate, develop and implement any policy, procedure or guideline based on your company’s business values and business objectives.

Workplace complaints and Investigations

Workplace problems and complaints carry serious legal and financial risks to a company. An independent, prompt and thorough investigation of a harassment or discrimination claim is crucial. An incomplete, inaccurate or biased investigation can actually aggravate the problem and increase the employer’s potential liability.

It’s vital that a well-trained individual who understands employment law, but also knows how to properly conduct an investigation evaluate the issue. PeopleFirst Consultants have years of experience in conducting independent investigations in areas such as:

  • Sexual and other workplace harassment
  • Discrimination (race, religion, disability, gender, etc.)
  • Threatening or violent behavior
  • Employee/supervisor misconduct|Other inappropriate conduct
  • Our staff is skilled in providing a confidential and objective third party investigations providing guidance and counseling aimed at fair resolution, while maintaining compliance.

Leadership Development

Every employee makes a difference in your company’s success; this is especially true for small, midsize and growing companies. Developing the skills of your organizations staff requires a focused plan. We design performance management programs that enable your workforce to grow with you and identify and resolve problems early on.

Leadership Coaching – As a leader, you know how important it is to keep improving your skills. PeopleFirst leadership coaching focuses on helping you master new attitudes, skills and behaviors that help you achieve both personal and professional goals.

Management Development – Developing the skills of your organizations staff requires a focused plan. We design career paths and succession planning programs that enable your workforce to grow with you. We work with each of the individuals in your organization to help them build a path to job fulfillment. We provide executive and managerial coaching for optimum results.

  • Analyze your organizational needs
  • Develop an action plan
  • Sequence the design, development, and implementation of programs to keep pace you’re your business and its complexity
  • Provide support and counsel to address on-going issues