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Criminal Background Reports

This report is compiled from over 1.2 billion records from 2200+ sources, including Counties, Department of Corrections (DOC) and Administration of the Court (AOC). It identifies state felony convictions, including incarceration. It also includes other national, international, state and federal searches.

Includes Sex Offender Registry, OFAC, OIG and other key sources.

This includes a jurisdictional search of the court records in any one of the more than 3,347 counties in the United States. These records provide the most up to date information available and include pending charges, dismissed charges and any deferred charges (such as drug charges that may be deferred due to the offender’s willingness to complete a deferral program such as probation or rehabilitation). A Nationwide Criminal Report will only capture convictions, so a County Search is essential in obtaining information about pending charges. Cases held at the County level include felonies and misdemeanors as well as criminal traffic offenses. HR best practices recommend doing searches for 7 years of address history per applicant, but ultimately the decision belongs to the client, and we are happy to guide clients through that decision-making process based on their particular needs and concerns.

Employment Verifications

We specialize in contacting an applicant’s prior employer(s) and conducting phone interviews to verify the applicant’s previous or current employment, including start and end dates, title, salary and eligibility for rehire. Prices are per employer contacted. Many clients find our verification services invaluable based on the amount of time they can spend tracking down the appropriate person to verify info, exchanging voice mail messages, etc. Custom questions can also be asked by our Specialists at no extra cost.

Education Verification

Our specialists will verify education, confirming dates of attendance and highest degree completed.

Social Media Hiring Report

An FCRA compliant background check that reviews public online content for racism/intolerance, violence, sexually explicit and potentially illegal activity. Our reports present actionable adverse information, allowing companies to make better informed hiring decisions while protecting them from unnecessary risk. Report is limited to United States.