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Reliable Business Technology

Reliable Business Technology Overview


Time and Attendance Experts

Labor management, cost management, time management…without expensive IT management. There is no software to buy, no upfront investments in licenses, servers, or hardware. There is no need for costly maintenance. Monthly subscription rates are cost-effective, consistent, and predictable making budgeting easier. Pay only for the employees that you manage.

Powerful time and attendance management tools are at the ready whenever or wherever employees, supervisors, or managers need to track and manage the workforce.

Mobile Apps

Employee Self Service (ESS) Mobile is adaptive – the employee’s home screen changes based on what the employee needs to do and how the employee works. ESS Mobile is a single app the presents different options to different employees based on employee permissions.||Manager Mobile give real time notifications using mobile phone settings letting supervisors take action, no matter where they are. The Manager Mobile home screen changes based on what the supervisor needs to do. Proactive alerts notify supervisors only when they need to take action…handle absences, fix missing punches, approve employee edits, or read messages. Supervisors can tackle critical absences and attendance matters right from their mobile phone.

Time Clocks

Our time clocks are Internet-ready, allowing employee work times and transactions to be recorded and shared easily with Attendance on Demand. These HTTP-enabled time clocks communicate directly over the Internet with our hosted time and attendance service. They do not require any software installation at your site.

These truly plug-and-play time clocks are:

  • Quick to install
  • Easy to use, manage, and maintain
  • Reliable for collecting information

Our time clocks accommodate your workplace, from the shop floor, to the kitchen, to the administrative offices. Capture employee punches using:

  • Touch Screens
  • Biometric Hand Readers
  • Biometric Finger Readers
  • PIN Time Clocks
  • Proximity Readers
  • Bar Code Readers
  • Tablet & TC Kiosk
  • Time Terminal

Solution Provider

We are more than a time and attendance company. Our focus is helping your business develop solutions in a way that most effectively helps you reach your goals.

Our reliable tools are designed to help you efficiently manage your complex workforce to improve your business goals to increase productivity.