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Hiring Consulting

Leveraging expertise and technology we find the best employees for small businesses. We provide three unconventional hiring options to find you the right hires and ensure you have the best and most qualified candidates. You choose the right plan based on your budget and the amount of time you personally want to spend on hiring. Use our mis-hire calculator to help you determine the cost of a bad hire.

Human Resources as a Variable Expense

Why pay for full-time HR unless you need it? That’s the premise behind Shared or Fractional HR, the foundation of SevenStar HR.

Our HR team of experts is ready to help you with policies and procedures to full-blown, team building, organizational development, culture change… and everything in-between. But, only when you need it.

Our Many Training Programs Help You Engage Your Employees

We provide many different on-line and face-to-face solutions for all types and sizes of businesses which can be customized to meet your needs. Some of our most popular are:

  • Effective Communication – Teaches the art and science of relating to and communicating with others so your company has the foundation to get extraordinary results
  • Courageous Conversations helps supervisors discipline employees effectively
  • Anti-Harassment and -Discrimination Training helps you protect your employees and business
  • Next Generation Leadership – Ensures leaders are equipped with the tools they need to make a difference in your organization
  • Many other new supervisor and employee trainings

AssessTeam On-line Performance Management Tool

  • SevenStar HR does the setup & training making the startup quick & easy
  • AssessTeam is customizable to allow assessment yearly, monthly or continuously and for different ratings for different levels of employees.
  • Instant Continuous Feedback can be done through a Phone App
  • Whether you choose monthly, quarterly or annual evaluations, it takes seconds per employee
  • It will allow you to compare employee self review to a peer’s, Team’s or Supervisor’s Review
  • Ensures gaps in performance can be quickly identified
  • Provides a dashboard and custom reports for easy tracking