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Shield Screening

Background Checks

Hiring the right people is hard enough, we are here to help you make it better, faster and smarter. Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, we will deliver the broad range of background screening solutions that you need, to shine a spotlight on your candidate’s performance history, qualifications, and character.

Drug Testing

Get access to a wide range of drug and alcohol testing services and seamlessly implement them into your recruiting process. Includes both high-level testing and in-office testing for all industries.

Criminal Records

In-depth misdemeanor and felony search/most accurate up to the minute data directly from county courthouse records. A name, date of birth and, where available, identity based education verification for institutions located outside of the United States. Includes all available records for that institution’s system.

Employment Verifications

Verify that your applicant’s previous employment history was reported accurately. Includes the dates of employment, position held, rehire status, and salary (where available).