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Dread Your Merit Spreadsheets? We Hear You!

And you’re not alone. A study out of Loyola University Chicago found that 40.1% of US-based companies use spreadsheets to manage their annual merit cycles and bonus processes. When we dug deeper, we found that there was a technology gap a mile wide. So… with 30 years of HR Compensation Management experience, we decided to do something about it. And that something is SimplyMerit®!

Merit, Bonus, and Equity

Engages leaders and empowers managers to optimize their Merit budgets, Bonus pools, and Equity grants. SimplyMerit is cloud-based, so we manage the entire environment for you. It’s real-time, so your managers and leaders know exactly what is happening as it’s happening. SimplyMerit handles the currency conversions, applies the automatic prorations as configured by you, manages the approval workflow, and even generates and distributes your adjustment letters.

Live in Five!

Most customers go LIVE IN FIVE days or less with a tried-and-true, mobile-ready application that your managers will love! Think of it… no more errors, no more headaches of managing hundreds of spreadsheets, no more security worries!

Global Reach

SimplyMerit supports 140+ currencies as well as automatic distribution of multilingual adjustment letters. You can easily manage to one global budget with individual budgets by country as well as your organization divisions. SimplyMerit provides live visibility of actual vs. budget by manager, by each manager’s span of control, and by any other metric you identify to the application. Truly powerful budget management.

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