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SmartHR, LLC


We recruit for the most talented individuals by utilizing proven and innovative solutions. We focus on quality, so we strive to have a thorough understanding of your requirements beyond the basic job description. While there can be a good number of potential candidates, we help you select the one that can truly deliver to your expectations while gaining self-satisfaction and fulfillment within his/her particular role. We understand that frequent turnover affects the company’s morale and your bottom line. We focus not only on outstanding knowledge, skills, and abilities, but overall cultural add within your company. We can also assist with applicant tracking system implement and partner integrations.


Companies typically have HR functions that are understaffed, overworked, and/or non-existent. Non-compliance can be the basis for financial and reputational risks for companies. HR compliance should be a part of a company’s overall strategy to avoid any legal liabilities. We are focused on helping companies address the ever-changing federal and state employment law requirements by updating and/or creating customized processes, policies, and procedures.

Employee Relations

A company cannot run effectively without their people. In order for a company and its people to be successful, relationships need to be managed appropriately and expectations need to be clearly communicated. We have executive level experience to help you manage your team to minimize disputes that can ultimately affect your productivity. We offer consultation, facilitation and resolution strategies. We will help coach you through communications between employees and supervisors, corrective action, disciplinary actions, and explanation and clarification of your company policies and procedures.


Creative and competitive benefits are critical to attracting and retaining top talent. When considering an employee benefit package, we consult with you on the benefits and perks your employees want and need, as well as what benefits your budget can allow. We partner with numerous carriers to offer a variety of group medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance options. We help take the complexity out of plan selection and open enrollment.