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Applicant Tracking System

Sprocket’s Applicant Tracking System keeps you, well, on track. Know what stage of the hiring process each applicant currently resides, store resumes within their candidate profile, and collect your thoughts in the notes section. No longer will you depend on the organized chaos of Excel or simply losing a folder of resumes. All from within the Sprockets platform.

Hiring Assessments

Sprockets provides hiring managers with a Match Score on every job applicant based on the characteristics of your current top-performing staff members – all before you even review a resume. This means less screening time, better hires, and less turnover.

Before Sprockets, traditional hiring assessments for job candidates were costly, weren’t tailored, and were only used on executive positions in Fortune 500 companies. With our Applicant Matching System, you can now assess every applicant, for only $99 a month.