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Finest Talent Assessment Platform

Testlify is the #1 talent assessment platform helping companies hire the best talent quickly, easily, accurately, and yes, affordably.Recruiting at scale is complex, time-consuming, and risky. Take the stress out of finding the best candidates with deep analysis that’s accurate, automated, and unbiased.Hire the best, every time, anywhere.Identify the best talent 3x faster:With Testlify, optimize your initial screening process by upwards of 75%. Free up precious time for both hiring managers and the talent acquisition team. Our research shows that organizations have noticed an 82% reduction in time to hire.Build diverse team:Say goodbye to unconscious bias. Give all applicants an equal, unbiased opportunity to showcase their talent. Our assessment removes unconscious bias from your screening process and finds hidden gems from underrepresented backgrounds.Designed for high completion rate:Our tests are low-stress, adaptive, and take just 30 mins to complete. This is why over 80% of applicants complete the test, which is 2-3x better than typical assessments. Testlify is the most candidate friendly assessment toolTest on-the-job skills:Test candidates for on-the-job skills over trick questions and find the most qualified candidates. Try our library of questions that are designed to test for fit rather than memorization of algorithms. Create a role-specific assessment to test your applicants.Native ATS Integrations:We integrate with popular recruiting tools such as Greenhouse, Lever, GoodTime, and many more so you can spend less time switching tabsTestlify’s unique AI-powered assessment technology is a proven solution against high employee turnover rates. Get rid of the manual tasks in your hiring process and automate laborious processes from ‘Apply’ to ‘Hire’. A fun, engaging, and quick assessment process ensures minimal drop-off rates throughout your recruitment process.

Uniquely FlexibleOur proven approach offers flexibility by providing corporate services in a way that works best for each client. Whether we become an in-house part-time department, add strength to the bench or support the team through a period of change; we offer services that are flexible and customized to each client’s needs.Cost EffectiveClients only pay for the work they need done. Business Sherpa Group is designed around helping small to mid-sized organizations, and a key element to ensuring SME’s success is flexibility to ensure cost effectiveness: we can do as much or as little as needed, when needed.