Time Rack® provides cloud-based time and attendance software and time clock hardware.

Time Rack Overview

Time & Attendance

A proactive time clock solution for small to mid-size businesses that alerts you to problems in advance with the purpose of saving you time and money! Time Rack® is an ideal, cost-effective and cloud-based time & attendance solution for businesses that handle hundreds of employees per location. Time Rack® automatic alerts and features lower theft, decrease your risk of fines and lawsuits for non-compliance, and are specifically designed to help you reduce overtime by 20% or more so you can manage your business better!

The Time Rack® time & attendance solution has been developed with features that streamline time & attendance collection including management and processing. The software is extremely flexible and is geared for the unique requirements of different industries all in an effort to satisfy your time clock solutions needs. At Time Rack®, we believe in simplifying the time tracking process for businesses.

Time Rack HR

Time Rack® HR is designed to ease the workload of HR personnel with solutions that streamline the process and is all inclusive. No more entering information into each employee’s data. That old system of data sharing is really double entry and where errors occur in record keeping. Our solution increases the accuracy of your employee data along with key HR management features that are used on a daily basis.

Now featuring integrated partner JazzHR for robust applicant tracking where new employee onboarding is seamless in your hiring process.

Data entry, data tracking, and data information requirements for HR including compliance are all available with Time Rack HR.

Get everything you need, with accuracy and time savings all in one place along with your time and attendance solution. A full suite of HR products and services – don’t miss out.

Time Clock Hardware

Time Rack has physical time clocks, or hardware, with purchase and lease options that are pre-loaded with our proactive time & attendance firmware.

Mobile Time & Attendance Application

Time Rack® amazing mobile app incorporates all the key functionalities of the web-based application, enabling you to take care of your rather tedious and time-consuming responsibilities of time & attendance tracking in an easy and effective way. This mobile timekeeping app is especially beneficial for staff on the go- including employees who do not have fixed schedules or fixed locations from where they start their day’s work!

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