Employee onboarding & training that’s actually engaging

Add fun content like GIFs and videos to your employee onboarding & training, plus a chrome extension for easy content search and iOS/Android apps.

Simple step-by-step employee training

Asynchronous training: created on your time, consumed on theirs. Plus, automatic notifications to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Roll out policies & SOPs in minutes using templates

Building your playbook takes time. But it takes less time when you start with Trainual templates and process playbooks.

Eliminate hours of wasted time

Employees spend more than 100 minutes per day just searching for the info needed to do their jobs. Trainual makes all that knowledge instantly accessible, searchable, and trackable.

Boost accountability with tests

How can you be sure someone knows the right way to do something, even when they’re working from home? Build simple tests.

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