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Victor Enterprises

Human Capital Consultants

Human resources planning, professional development, and performance management to help our clients get the best from their employees. Our duties in this area vary depending on the needs of our clients. In some cases, we may use analysis and performance measurement tools to assess a company’s needs and create a profile of employees’ skills and qualifications. Our responsibilities could also include organizing strategic activities and practices that can improve the efficiencies of an HR department. We will also help facilitate training and professional development programs.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging SME’s

Our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging managers work closely with human resource leadership to build an inclusive work environment. We build training programs and events to teach employees how to be supportive to people of different races, ethnicities, disabilities, gender identities and sexual orientations. Diversity and inclusion managers may be involved in the hiring process, technology, product development and harassment cases advisement.

Labor Relations

Our SMEs negotiate agreements between a companies, labor organization or even individual employees. He or she researches labor laws, bargaining procedures, economic data, and wage data common for careers, industries, and states. The items handled in negotiations normally include union practices, pensions, healthcare, welfare, salary, and grievances. Our Labor relations leaders also help to resolve disputes, complaints, and strikes. They may work as mediators and arbitrators to determine the conditions of new labor agreements and settle internal disputes.


Victor Enterprises strives to build long-term relationships between you and your new recruits. No cookie-cutter, one-size fits all solution. We look for the most suitable talent to meet your needs and don’t stop at good enough. Our success depends upon your satisfaction.