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“Culture-Reset” HR Solution

Whether you are a nonprofit, startup or an established organization, Visionova HR’s Culture-First HR Solutions gives leaders the know-how and the power to build a high performing, value-united culture that gets results. Perhaps you need to create an HR strategy that will meet long term objectives, or revamp your method of performance management and development, are you're seeking to reset your organization’s culture, Visionova HR is the partner you need to transform your organization to achieve results that matter.

  • “Culture-Reset”: Identify the behaviors that support or undermine
    your culture
  • Performance Management and Development: Align your
    organization’s values with practices that contribute to higher
    engagement and performance
  • Compliance Training: Compliance that is reflected by its leaders,
    teams; it and across the organization.

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“Respect In The Workplace Starts With Me”

“Respect In the Workplace Starts With Me “ organizational structure steers the organization and its leaders on the path of strategically planning. Leaders learn how to define their organization’s culture and behaviors that inspire their people, drive performance and improves bottom-line results. You want transformation? Start with bringing “Respect In the Workplace Starts With Me “ into your organization.

HR On-Demand Advisor Services

Visionova HR On-Demand Supports leadership, HR Department staff, solo human resources practitioners with access to rapid HR advice, and other practical solutions to help get ahead of problems that might adversely impact your organization, including workforce performance and well-being. Whether you are a startup, nonprofit or established organization, the answers to your questions are at your fingertips.

  • Dedicated HR Advisor
  • Employee Handbook and Policy Development
  • Situational guidance and advice
  • Harassment Compliance Training SB 1343, SB 778
  • HR Training
  • HR Audit
  • and more…

Compliance Training

Visionova HR customized training can make the difference between a good workforce and a great one. Our programs feature an extensive range of topics, for example coaching first-time supervisors and managers. First- time supervisors, take on more significant responsibilities and need to know the rules of the HR compliance road. How about HR 101 training or Handling Difficult Separations, Conflict Resolution, Giving Feedback, and more. This training is not just for beginners, it serves experienced supervisors and managers as well.