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Weiser Innovations


We develop customized talent acquisition strategies to align with your overall business strategy. We work with you to define your goals and how they will be achieved. Without people, companies are merely ideas. People do the work, deliver the products and services, create strategies and bring the ideas into reality. Having the right talent acquisition strategy will increase the likelihood of making the right hires; it will save the company time and money and ultimately create a highly productive and enjoyable work environment. The right strategy is critical to success.


Once you have the right team in place, it is critical to provide them the tools to thrive and grow. Investing in your people not only increases their skills and abilities allowing for stronger operations but also increases employee loyalty and retention; it lets your people know they are valued. We are committed to helping you demonstrate this value by providing the educational infrastructure to support your talent acquisition team and others involved in the hiring process. Whether it is training new managers on interview techniques or mentoring your recruiting team on niche searches, we can provide the tools necessary to create a foundation for success.


When specific projects arise that require extra bandwidth, we can create budget friendly solutions that successfully achieve your deliverables. Examples: Executive Search; Applicant Tracking System identification and implementation; Vendor Identification for background checks or skills testing; developing Internships, Veteran Hiring Programs, Community Hiring Partnerships; E-Verify Setup; creation of Position Descriptions; posting position on optimal Job Boards; Sourcing Candidates; Resume Screening; Interviewing; Reference Checking.

On-Call Support

Sometimes you just have a question. With the Support Line, our clients are able to communicate with experts who are ready to guide them to solutions. This subscription service provides a resource to our clients for questions like how to write a compelling job description; how to work with hiring managers; or where to source for niche talent. Whatever the question, we are available to advise on these situations via phone or email.