WorkTango delivers a more engaged workforce with everything you need to improve the employee experience in a single, powerful platform. WorkTango Recognition & Rewards features peer-to-peer social Recognition, Rewards, Incentives, and Awards that strengthen company culture, create alignment, and help employees feel more appreciated.Join the hundreds of people-first companies who turn to WorkTango to help create a workplace where all employees can thrive.

Recognition & Rewards

WorkTango Recognition features peer-to-peer social Recognition, Rewards, Behavior Bonuses, and Awards strengthen company culture, create alignment, and help employees feel more appreciated.

Peer-to-peer recognition is a powerful way to create a culture of continuous recognition across all levels of your company.

Use our robust global rewards catalog containing over 30,000 products to configure and customize the rewards that are right for your business — we have something for everyone, everywhere.

Performance Management

WorkTango Performance features Goals and OKRs, Sync-Ups, Feedback, Check-Ins, and Talent Assessments designed to create alignment and ongoing conversations about priorities, employee performance, and development.

Goals and OKRs:

Create alignment up, down, and across the organization by empowering your employees to set and track goals or objectives and key results (OKRs) aligned with larger, company-wide initiatives.


Whether it is regular 1:1s or ad hoc status updates, essential conversations happen off-cycle and across teams. Sync-Ups addresses this by making it easy for individuals, managers, and groups in your organization to meet to talk about Goals, Feedback, or other agenda items ― any time they need.


Easily facilitate manager and individual conversations about goal progress, recent accomplishments, performance feedback, and longer-term career objectives.


Continual feedback is critical in high-performing organizations as it supports communication, collaboration, and innovation. Thoughtful, templatized forms make it easy to receive feedback from peers, managers, or a complete 360.


Survey customization:

  • Unlimited surveys, admins, & custom questions
  • Custom company branding
  • Configurable confidentiality parameters

Survey creation:

  • Research-backed, statistically validated questions
  • Best-practice templates library
  • Multiple question and response types
  • Employee attributes to reduce survey length

Survey user experience:

  • Quick, easy to complete surveys
  • Any device, any browser
  • Inclusive and easily accessible via email, SMS, or URL/QR code, kiosks, and on paper