Bryq provides you with Talent Intelligence that works – eliminating biases, time constraints, and inefficient decisions in a world that’s increasingly rejecting subjectivity.

It’s the only AI Talent Intelligence platform based on science-backed data. With its Predictive Analytics, based on validated psychometrics, it can help you make better talent management decisions in acquiring, developing, analyzing, and matching talent.

Bryq goes one step further by measuring the Culture of your existing and potential employees, ensuring that you build a strong company that is more than just the sum of its parts.


  • AI-Powered profile predictor
  • Scientifically pre-defined job profiles
  • Blind screening
  • Candidate comparison
  • Customization capabilities to job and company requirements
  • Indicators
  • Culture Definition
  • Talent Insights
  • User-friendly candidate reports
  • Interview guide
  • Available in 12+ languages


Bryq enables you to:

  • Screen a high volume of candidates without going through resumes
  • Reduce bias in the hiring process by assessing for fit
  • Prioritize top matches without overlooking hidden talent
  • Match based on fit – clearly see strengths and weaknesses of each candidate
  • Reduce time-to-hire by 50%
  • Minimize costs associated with bad hires and employee turnover
  • Increase employee productivity and satisfaction by placing people in the right role
  • Create a standardized screening process across different offices

More Benefits

  • Seamless integration with JazzHR
  • Unlimited candidate testing on all pricing plans
  • Access to our Customer Success Team to get you up and running fast