Candidate Reference Checking

Checkmate is a fully automated online reference checking tool that collects comprehensive employee reference information, while providing an enjoyable and effortless user experience.

Checkmate starts with just a few clicks and on average you can expect a completed reference check within 24 hours.

You can build your very own customized questionnaire and you can apply a logic flow. This allows you to design follow up questions based on earlier answers, meaning you can delve deeper into areas of concern while keeping the experience efficient for the referee.

We’ll communicate with the candidate and referees via SMS and email to anywhere in the world.

Checkmate will automatically send reminders should there be no response within a set timeframe. Should a referee fail to complete the reference check, Checkmate will automatically contact the candidate and request that they follow up.

To learn more about how Checkmate can support your hiring process please get in touch with our team.

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