JDP Overview

JDP’s fast, reliable and flexible background screening services help protect organizations around the world from harm. Our Top Notch Service has been recognized by HRO Today Bakers’ Dozen Enterprise Screening provider list.


Criminal Background Checks

JDP’s criminal background checks help protect your organization from preventable harm. Our services include:

• Social Security Number (SSN) ID Search
• JDP National Criminal Search
• County Criminal Records
• State Criminal Records
• Federal Criminal Records
• Global Security and Financial Watch List
• JDP National Sexual Offender Records
• International Criminal Records

Verifications & References

JDP verifies your candidates’ education, work and professional license histories to make sure they’ve accomplished what they claim. Our services include:

• Education Verification
• Employment Verification
• Professional Reference Verification
• Personal Reference Verification
• Professional License and Certification Verification
• International ID, Employment, Education and References
• Social Security Number (SSN) ID Search
• Employment Credit Report
• Military Record Verification
• Residence Verification
• Workers’ Compensation Reports
• Driver’s License Information
• CDL Records

Drug Testing

JDP’s drug testing services find if your candidates or employees are taking substances that may limit their performance on the job. JDP offers a simple online portal to manage orders and results and access to thousands of testing facilities and results.

Our drug testing services include:

• Lab-Based Urine Drug Screen (In and Out of Network Options)
• Lab-Based Hair Follicle Drug Screen
• Instant Testing Drug Screens
• Self-Collection Lab-Based Testing Drug Screen
• Breath Alcohol Testing

Social Media Screening

Learn the good, bad and even downright alarming online activities of your candidates and employees with JDP’s social media screening services. Our industry-leading technology and team of highly skilled social media analysts deliver FCRA-compliant reports so you can make more informed decisions about your candidates and employees. Social media profiles we report on include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

Our social media reporting options include:

  • Social Media Summary Report — includes links to an individual’s social media profiles, images documenting what we discover and a guide for how to review candidates based on their social profiles
  • Social Media Advanced Analysis Report — receive an interactive report overviewing an individual’s online presence, including analyst comments for each account and characterized tags of our findings